About the meal plans

Taking over 12 months to develop, this website contains a series of five weekly meal plans created by nutritionists that enable you to eat a healthy, nutritionally balanced vegetarian diet. It was originally created by the Vegetarian Society as a New Year healthier eating campaign called Unstuffed, but – due to popular demand – we’re still making it available.

All the meal plans are developed so that you will attain your nutritional requirements for over 20 identified essential nutrients over the course of each week.

The meals in the menu plan are not only balanced, but delicious too.


You can choose to track any of these nutrients over the course of the week and see how different dishes contribute to a balanced nutritional diet.

The plan is based on an average 2000kcal daily energy intake. For men and active women who require 2500Kcal we recommend that portion size is increased by a quarter for all recipes.

Dietary reference values (DRV)s. The values applied are for women.  Estimated Average Requirement (EAR) values are used for energy and represent average energy requirements for this population group.  From this this energy value, amounts of carbohydrate (50%), fat (35%) and saturated fat (10%) are calculated as a percentage of energy (in brackets).  Vitamins, minerals and protein are given as Reference Nutritional Intake (RNI) values that represent an estimated amount to meet the needs of most (97.5%) of the healthy population.  Fibre is given as non-starch polysaccharide (NSP).  There is no DRV for total sugars so the value has been taken from the RI for food labelling purposes and is considered a bench mark figure.  The value for sodium is based on the recommendations of the Scientific Advisory Board on Nutrition, which advises no more than 2400mg  per day (6g of salt).